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Over 60 dead in Ethiopia ethnic clashes

Oromia, Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA – MORE than 60 people have been killed following recurrent ethnic clashes in Ethiopia.

The latest clashes in the southern Oromia between the rival Somali and Oromo groups have displaced more than 4 000 people, bring the total displacements to 857 000 people displaced throughout the country.

Bad blood characterizes relations between the two ethnicities which are two largest regions in the country by size.

Somalis are mostly pastoralists and Oromos tend to be farmers, hence territorial competition often leads to disputes and conflicts over resources, including wells and grazing land.

The worst drought in years is worsening tensions between the communities.

John Ging, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Director, has concluded a visit to the East African country to assess the crisis.

He appealed for calm after meeting government, donors, humanitarian agencies and communities affected by drought and conflict.

“We are committed to advocating for appropriate response to the crisis,” Ging reassured authorities.

Government officials requested emergency aid to refugees, most who have sought safety at refugee camps in the eastern Hararge zone.

– APA / CAJ News