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700 Nigerians flee Boko Haram forced labour

Women and girl child in Maiduguri, Nigeria, flee menacing Boko Haram

MAIDUGURI – MORE than 700 hostages have fled from the Boko Haram terror group in northeast Nigeria.

The victims include farmers, fishermen and members of their families who were forced to work for the Islamic militants.

The exodus of the abductees is connected to ongoing operations by the Nigerian Army in the Lake Chad islands.

Sustained operations by the military have weakened the sect in the region seen as terrorists’ strongholds.

Colonel Timothy Antigha, Deputy Director of Public Relations in the Nigerian Army, said profiling of the displaced persons was ongoing in Monguno town.

“This is to ensure no terrorist takes advantage of the situation to sneak into the town,” he said.

“Preliminary investigations will focus on finding out where wanted Boko Haram commanders have migrated to,” Antigha added.

Meanwhile, two women among the escaping abductees have given birth in the holding centres in Monguno.

The Boko Haram has killed an estimated 100 000 civilians during an almost decade-long violent campaign to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria.

Thousands of Nigerians have been abducted.

Recently, the army reported a majority of the hostages were forced to work in farms operated by the sect northeast of the country.

– APA / CAJ News