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Linking Africa, Exposing Opportunities

MEDIA ALERT: All SA roads lead to BIG Breakfast Interview on Public Transport Transformation


MOTTO: Linking Africa, Exposing Opportunities

AFRICAN Press Association,  (APA) is a digital first for the  African continent and can be  accessed via the web on:

APA is a leading pan African source of intelligence information for business, press office, public relations (PR), advertising, innovative technology and experts in related industries.

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APA is the continent’s most trusted news source, administered by experienced media experts based in the continent’s three regional blocs of Central, East, North, Southern and West Africa.

It churns out Pan African news 18 hours a day, five days a week, spearheaded by dedicated and experienced staffers from its  continental headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

APA also  specialises in the latest multimedia technology, ranging from text news content for online and newspapers and audio packages for radio channels.

APA delivers breaking news in text format to all newsrooms across Africa and worldwide.

We boast media industrial expertise coupled with innovative technology to provide important information for African investors, business executives, African governments, municipalities, economic decision makers, NGOs, including specialised fields such as, mining, energy, finance, insurance, mobile & telecommunications, technology, agriculture, tourism, health, the airline industry, entertainment and sports.

APA is the gateway into Africa and serves as a fast, one-stop shop for cost-effective press release distribution.

All the press releases that run through APA reach all African mainstream media newsrooms simultaneously, that include newspapers, radio and television stations, online news portals and international news agencies as well as other media organisations.


African Press Association (APA)

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(APA) is the premier news supplier for Press Releases, exclusive content, breaking news in Africa providing all media houses such as online, newspapers, radio, nationally, regionally and internationally.

Our Press Office to ensures that companies, governments, NGOs, political parties, who want their services, activities, products, movers and shakers known across Africa and beyond are complemented.

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