Best uncapped fibre prices in South Africa

Vumatel vs Telkom vs Fibrehoods

Best uncapped fibre prices in South Africa: Vumatel vs Telkom vs Fibrehoods

This is how the cheapest uncapped fibre prices compare in South Africa.

Fibre-to-the-home is being rolled out across South Africa, typically offering better speeds and value than you can get on Telkom’s ADSL network.

Since Vumatel first won its bid to roll out a fibre network for Parkhurst, many neighbourhoods have followed a similar model.

The rush to roll out fibre to affluent areas in South Africa has also given rise to many new infrastructure providers.

This has resulted in a range of pricing and services being offered across the country.

The tables below detail the cheapest prices offered by local fibre service providers per line speed category.

No contract packages are shown, and once-off costs – such as installation, connection, or trenching – have been excluded.