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West African Power Industry Convention

Exciting times for Nigeria power sector

West African Power Industry Convention

West African Power Industry Convention

LAGOS – SPONSORS of the West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) set for Lagos later this month have projected exciting times for the industry in the region.

Lucy Electric, the distribution leader in the sector, is the platinum sponsor of the convention, which will see some 2 000 professionals converge.

The company’s Regional Director, Rick St John, said forward-looking governments in the region were proactively developing infrastructure hence the company anticipated continued investment in the short and medium term.

“As such this is a very exciting time for the electricity sector across West Africa,” said St John.

He nonetheless pointed out access to electricity was still a major challenge across West Africa, with for example only 45 percent of the population in Nigeria had direct access to electricity.

The Nigerian government is aiming to increase this to 75 percent of the population by 2020 with a similar trend noted in many countries in the

“We expect this investment in infrastructure and the development of more reliable and stable supplies to create many new opportunities in the short and medium term,” St John.

He noted an increasing interest in renewable energy projects across the region, which present a smaller risk, with a much quicker and quantifiable payback.

“As a result we are seeing increasing investment in these projects.”

WAPIC will be held on November 22-24.

– CAJ News / APA