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Burundi refugees

No space to accommodate fleeing Burundians

Burundi refugees

Burundi refugees

BUJUMBURA – REFUGEE camps in neighbouring countries are running out of space to accommodate thousands of refugees fleeing persecution daily in crisis-torn Burundi.

About 365 000 have fled the east African country after the turmoil that followed President Pierre Nkurunziza clinging to power beyond his two terms in 2015.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) yesterday (Wednesday) said the number of Burundians refuges is rising rapidly in Tanzania, with 356 arrivals daily on average.

Nduta Camp is being extended further to host the incoming refugees, but cannot host a population of over 100 000. It currently already hosts 85 000 refugees and is expected to be at full capacity at the beginning of February, making the need for new land urgent.

“Camp facilities also need to be upgraded as soon as possible,” a UN refugee agency spokesperson said.

The number of newly registered Burundian refugees in the DRC has increased with 7 669 registered compared to 4 476 six months ago.

The Lusenda refugee camp will reach its maximum capacity in January 2017 and despite efforts by the authorities, a new site to accommodate refugees still needs to be identified.

UNHCR is struggling to raise US$ 180,6 million (R2,4 billion) to address the crisis.

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