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Temptations stressful but are a bridge to glory



THOSE among us who want blessings in abundance from the Almighty Jehovah God, please, hands up so that I see you.

Those of you who want to get married, and experience enjoyable life, please, ululate!

Those who want to be successful, rich and famous, can I see you?

I am overwhelmed by the response.

But how many of you are ready to sacrifice or surrender their personal lives in order to enter the kingdom of heaven?

I am disappointed by the many hands now going down! Very few hands remain raised.

I assume, nobody wants to suffer or get exposed to some kind of challenges in order to live a comfortable. Weirdly, we all want to be successful, rich or famous without going through challenges. That is impossible.

To pose a question, how many of us are ready to be persecuted for Jesus Christ’s sake, or suffer in the hands of strong opposition of this world in order to be called children of Jehovah God?

Has anyone ever wondered why most are working so hard day and night yet they are not seeing the fruits or benefits of your hard work?

The reason is simple! The devil is in charge of the planet earth after infiltrating it. He is fighting each and everyone who is trying to speak the goodness of the True Gospel of Jehovah God through Jesus Christ.

The devil is spiritual, and very clever indeed! He does not fight so-called believers who are half-human, half-fish or mermaids.

The devil does not fight people who are like chameleons. Chameleons are believers who change their colours, opinions or behaviour in order to suit an environment they are in.

The reason we are being hated and fought from left, right and centre is simple. It is because we stand for the truth.

John 15:19 confirms my True Gospel teaching: “If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”

Further in the book of John 17:16 attest my True Gospel: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”

Even people who are not ‘born again’ know this very well. If one wants to be successful in life, one must be prepared to encounter challenges in order to become strong.

So, challenges always strengthen us. Then why are some Christians unwilling to face temptations?

Every church service, you hear ‘Christian babies’ crying foul in their testimonies bemoaning that the devil was tempting them. Imagine! Yes, you must be tempted to prove how much you love your God.

“I don’t want people who give me problems in my life. To hell with them,” they curse.

My brother and sister, fathers and mothers, by so doing, you are running away from Jehovah God’s breakthroughs.

Every ancient biblical prophet and the true men and women of God once experienced these challenges in order for Jehovah God himself to accept them.

Even our Lord Jesus Christ was at some point tempted before, with the Devil on some occasion tempting him thrice in succession.

For the Lord Jesus Christ to be victorious, he had to fast for 40 days and equal number of nights.

These are challenges that must be overcome; hence He became strong after fasting.

In other words, I would describe the challenges that our Lord Jesus Christ experienced as perseverance, endurance, persistence, tenacity, determination, purposefulness, patience, dedication and commitment.

Apart from being persecuted, Jesus Christ was finally killed after detractors nailed him to the cross. It later became known as the Holy Cross. He died for you and me hence becoming the Prince of Peace. Jesus also became known as the Lion of Judah.

On the third day, He rose. At the resurrection, was untouchable. Jehovah God raised Him from the dead and made him King.

Isn’t it amazing that for Jesus to become king of both heaven and earth, he had to die first? These are challenges or temptations he encountered.

Philippians 2:8 supports my teaching: “And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to death– even death on a cross!”

One of my greatest apostles of all time, Apostle Paul of Tarsus confirms this in the book of 2 Timothy 3:12-13, “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”

Even for a good marriage to be full of joy, the couple, must, for once go through challenges so that at the end they live a joyful life, which is full of happiness, contentment, pleasure, satisfaction, cheerfulness, gladness, delight, good cheer, or always in cloud nine.

Truly I tell you this, if a member of the couple claims to be tired of challenges with his other half, success will always evade them.

Again, if a person is eager to get married but is unwilling to experience similar challenges, their marriage will not last.

I’m not encouraging hooligans or human rights violators by this. Because we all are children of Jehovah God, I’m just sharing that challenges always are there to bolster us, just like our Lord Jesus emerged victorious after unlawful persecution.

Remember, Abram, before he became Abraham, was promised a “great nation” by God Himself.

Abraham was 75 years old. He went for more than 25 years before that promise came to fruition.

Abraham, unlike cowards among us these days, was faithful and trusted in victory through Jehovah God.

Imagine his wife Sarah, being told she would have a child of her own despite her advanced age.

Some 45 years later, the prophecy came to fruition. Reader, if you were in Abram’s or Sarah’s position, would you have patiently waited for God’s prophecy to materialize, or you would have abandoned God?

The problem with believers of today is that they want to plant their maize seed this evening and harvest tomorrow morning. Impossible.

Imagine Jacob. He toiled and suffered for seven years to get married to the woman he loved most. He was initially unsuccessful but never gave up.

According to Genesis 29:20, “So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.”

Imagine Joseph. His brothers sold him. Due to focus and endurance in God’s word, he would later become the Governor of Egypt.

Isn’t it amazing that even his brothers who sold him became his servants?. I can go on and on with great believers in the bible who made it through after immense suffering. If they went through this, why not you?

Finally, remember, when you endure and suffer, remain steadfast. I guarantee you, victory will always be yours.

Those who believe in this True Gospel say Amen!

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