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Nigeria's population hits 186,9 million

World population surpasses 7 billion

Nigeria's population hits 186,9 million

Nigeria’s population hits 186,9 million

JOHANNESBURG – THE world’s population has shot to an estimated 7,4 billion people as Nigeria remains the continent’s most populous country.

According statistics released by the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF), China is leading with 1,38 billion followed by fellow Asian nation India with 1,32 billion.

The United States of America has the third-largest population at 324 million while fourth place Indonesia, another Asian country, has 260 million people.

South Americans Brazil complete the top five with 209,6 million people.

Nigeria is the biggest in Africa in terms of population, with 186,9 million.

The West African nation is seventh globally.

Second in Africa, Ethiopia has 101,8 million, Egypt (third) has 93,3 million, fourth-placed Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with 79,7 million while Tanzania completes the top five leading nations in the continent with 55,1 million people.

Other countries comprise South Africa on number six with 54,9 million, Kenya has 47,2 million, Sudan 41,2 million, Algeria has 40,3 million while Uganda completes the continent’s top ten with 40,3 million people.

On 11th is Morocco with 34,8 million, Mozambique (27,8 million), Ghana (28 million), Angola (25,8 million), Madagascar (24,9 million), Cameroon (23,9 million) Ivory Coast (23,2 million), Niger (20,7 million), Burkina Faso (18,6 million), Mali (18,1 million) and tiny Malawi with 17,7 million people are the most populous in that order.

Below are the top ten nations with leading population in the world with leading population:

1. China:                                        1,382,323,332
2. India:                                         1,326,801,576
3. U.S.A:                                        324,118,787
4. Indonesia:                                260,581,100
5. Brazil:                                       209,567,920
6. Pakistan:                                  192,826,502
7. Nigeria:                                    186,987,563
8. Bangladesh:                            162,910,864
9. Russia:                                     143,439,832
10. Mexico:                                  128,632,004.

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