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Zimbabwe’s severe cash shortages escalating

Zimbabweans queuing outside Barclays Bank in First Street, Harare. Photo, Savious-Parker Kwinika, CAJ News Africa

From SAVIOUS KWINIKA in Harare, Zimbabwe
HARARE, (CAJ News) – THERE is no end in sight to the cash shortages wreaking havoc on Zimbabwe’s battered economy.
Clients hopelessly spend time in winding queues for the inaccessible money.
CAJ News Africa visited Harare central business district this week where hordes of people bitterly complained of the scarcity cash, which has worsened coinciding with month end.
“I have been here as early as 06h00 (Wednesday) but right now it’s 14h55 and I’m yet to get my money,” said Revai Nevurura, a client with Barclays Bank.
“Other banks are also experiencing similar challenges, and I’m fed up,” the enraged client added.
Dzikamai Chakoroma of Highfield said he only managed to access $60 after spending more than six hours in the queue on Thursday.
“My salary is pathetic yet getting it from my bank is war. Queues are a daily phenomenal here, and we need an urgent solution to this crisis,” Chakoroma said.
The crisis is blamed on the economic policies of the government of President Robert Mugabe.
His government in turn blames the West for sabotaging the once-powerful economy.
Zimbabwe no longer has a currency following the demise of its Dollar after record hyperinflation about a decade ago.
Foreign currencies have been in use since 2009.
There was no immediate comment from Finance Minister, Ignatius Chombo, as his mobile was on voice mail.
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